How to set the technology agenda

Meetings are sometimes held around conference ...

Meetings are sometimes held around conference tables. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Participants to prepare in advance to plan a meeting of the technology.

By establishing in advance a clear agenda, colleagues and employees at technical meetings when invited to make sure every moment counts. If you set the agenda for the event participants discussed the correct procedure during the off-track does not cover all the important topics will tell what to make. That the purpose of the meeting agenda to provide efficiency and productivity increases.


  1. Day The start and end time, meeting place, the participants list and the general purpose of the meeting of the conference will start by defining the technical details. Too many other attendees, speakers, because there is a technical conference participants included in the list if you need may be similar to a large conference.
  2. In a sentence or two to set the goal of the conference. The following statement defines the focus of the session by writing: “At the end of the meeting, the group must …” Or “to the main purpose of this meeting.”
  3. Topics and subtopics to define the look down to the section meetings. If a subsequent meeting of the previous event as defined in the last minutes of the meeting, including all work items to start. First sub-topics that outline the most important topics. In order of importance that should be applied to create a list of all items.
  4. Applied for each topic, note the specific time. Attendees can ask for a discussion of the complex or on the issue to allow more time. Each speaker’s presentation so that you can set the schedule extra time to plan – often computer technology, conference presentations, speakers, and require the use of the projector. The total time of all the items that exceed the time allotted for the meeting to the next meeting if you press some items below can reduce the time of an emergency session.
  5. One or more presentations at the same time, if nothing happens in each section for specific rooms, as well as the name and title of the speaker into place. This is the participants in each topic or subtopic who can lead a discussion.
  6. Send the agenda to all participants in advance. If you have a small internal meetings to customers what they need to apply the theme, if not at the meeting or can add anything you think the invitation will be very much appreciated. Only in the case of a large technology conference final goal must be sent to participants.
  7. Or send to all participants received a great gift for the technical conference will be inserted into an envelope and send it as an attachment to the meeting invitation, according to comments to finalize the schedule.
  8. If a small group of board or on a plain sheet of paper slip of paper copies of the agenda with the participants during the event can be performed. For a large technology conference and conference rooms and other areas to put a large poster at the entrance can be printed on the agenda.
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